I'm a bleeder...

Clumsiness strikes again with the new knives at work. It's only just a cut, all-be-it a pretty bad one, but my left thumb just seems to get in the way much too often. It probably didn't help that I was wearing gloves while cutting chicken, but already had another cut so I was wearing a band-aid; have to avoid that unsanitary cross-contamination an all that. I guess I just have thin blood, I'm not anemic or anything. The up-side is that I can donate blood in under 5 minutes lol.


Chicken Artichoke Pasta

My favorite dish from the static menu of the 5101 Restaurant inside the HFCC Culinary Program. I am really excited about all of the changes Chef Cosenza is making this semester. Chef Teeple was great, but I'm honestly really glad he retired this summer and that Cosenza is taking over the 140 class and the restaurant.